Introduction To Computer Music

The ultimate hands-on introduction to the theoretical, practical and history of electronic and computer based music production.

This jam-packed 5 hour session covers all the computer music basics. from choosing a digital audio workstation to the key elements and basics of computer music production on state-of-the-art Apple Logic Pro iMacs!

After completing this session you will have the knowledge and confidence to start professionally producing your very own tracks, from hip hop to electronic dance!

- Veteran professional instructor
- Hosted on state of the art Apple Logic Pro iMacs
- 1 DAW workstation per 2 people
- Intimate session limited to 12 people
- Free pizza and soda!
- Only $99 per seat!

Session Agenda

- Introduction 
- History and evolution of computer music
- Introduction to essential studio components, hardware and basic configuration 
- Introduction to Digital Audio Work Stations (DAW’s) and basic overview of Cubase, Ableton, Protools, Logic, Reason, Fruity Loops
- Introduction to MIDI and MIDI controllers
- Hands on introduction to Logic Pro
- Hands on basics of structuring and creating a track in Logic Pro including Percussion, Bass, Leads & Vocals
- Logic Pro recording essentials 
- Introduction to Logic Pro track automation
- Introduction to basic Logic Pro compression and side chains
- Structuring your mix
- Bouncing, exporting and introduction to audio formats

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