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Tony Covarrubias has loved tech since he was a teenager, when he got involved with electronic music, first as a DJ, then as a producer.

Around the year 2000, he met Simon Apex, a British transplant who now lives in Sacramento. Simon opened The Sacramento Tech Exchange around 2010. He invited Tony to participate in his venture in 2016.

That was when Tony left his long-time job in Real Estate to start The Modesto Tech Exchange.

Tech became his passion because of his background in music. He could remember how frustrating it was to have components that were not compatible, and how he needed some assistance.

Motivated to help people, and armed with his knowledge of audio tech, business management, customer service, aesthetics, and retail, Tony opened up Modesto's own Tech Exchange. Compared with big refinances and moves, laptops have been a piece of cake!

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